VHM Programs

Breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Women have come to us and received acceptance, love, and a helping hand.

We offer them a safe place to live, and a wide range of educational resources.

Since our was ministry was founded, we have aimed to provide women a home for today and a future for tomorrow.

Shelter from the storm and a path moving forward.

Our goal is to enable women with the tools needed for them to acquire permanent housing and/or income, by providing education and resources for empowerment.

Our doors are open to women of all races, religions, and backgrounds.

We provide service enriched housing that is safe and secure, allowing women to create a stable life and build a better future.


Women with young children experience homelessness for many different reasons. A major factor frequently is the lack of affordable housing. Yet there are a number of other factors that pose barriers to permanent housing, including domestic violence, job loss or low wages, low levels of education and limited English language skills.

We provide instructional classes and personal tutoring to help women overcome barriers to independent living and achieving long-term stability.

Dean's List
Child with tutor

Educate the Mother

We provide GED in English and Spanish. 

Classes are via Zoom. Please email [email protected] for class information and registration.

Educate the Child

We also provide Children's Services which includes an after-school enrichment program. We offer a nurturing and academically challenging environment to help the children achieve their full potential.

Empower the Family

Many women want to pursue their education but lack the support system to attend classes. We provide direct services that allow the mother to pursue a GED, certification or college degree. We also provide access to resources to help mothers improve their lives, pursue higher education, and gain employment.